A Case for
Pauline Dispensationalism:
Defining Paul's Gospel and Mission

(Age of Grace series: Book 1)
by Carol Berubee, 2017
Paperback, 250 pages

A study of dispensations, classic Pauline dispensationalism, Peter's gospel vs Paul's gospel, similar to Miles J. Stanford, distinct from mid-Acts Pauline dispensationalism

Dancing on My Father's Feet:

A Bible Study Devotional

for Women
by Carol Berubee, 2020
Paperback, 56 pages

Fifty weekly devotions; in-depth Bible study; the holiness of God; our inability to please God; God's provision of righteousness and grace; walking in the Spirit as a new creation in Christ; law vs grace; the anti-self-help answers to your problems; you're not enough, but that's why Jesus came

Death and Afterwards

For the Believer and the Unbeliever

and an Examination of the 

Eschatological Judgments

by Carol Berubee, 2023
Paperback, 68 pages

A handy reference that answers dozens of questions regarding life after death; destinations of believers prior to the Cross and after the Cross; the nature of heaven and hell; body, soul, and spirit; the rapture of the Church; the millennial kingdom; the eternal state; new Jerusalem; rewards/crowns; the glorified body

Dancing on My Father's Feet Devotional
Death and Afterwards book

A Primer on Pauline Doctrine:
Revealing the Mystery
of the Body of Christ 

(Age of Grace series: Book 2)
by Carol Berubee, 2019​
Paperback, 446 pages

The mystery of Christ and the gospel; the body of Christ; Paul in contrast to Judaism and Gnosticism; summary of Paul's epistles; Paul's doctrine and theology of justification, grace, redemption; Paul's teaching on salvation, sanctification, law and grace, eschatology, rapture, bema, elders, women in church, false teachers, gifts of the Spirit

Pauline Dispensationalism Book 1
Pauline Doctrine Book 2

the Christian life