the Christian life

The Christian life is one of joy and peace through the Holy Spirit, but so few believers come to experience such a life. This Bible study devotional is designed to aid you in your understanding of who God is and how that knowledge can transform your life. God has given you all that you need to glorify Him and experience the spiritual blessings He has promised. Each week, you will read a devotional and several Scripture verses that will help you to grow in Christ through His word. Unlike most devotionals, this book provides in-depth Bible study in small bites; it is a devotional that goes deeper into the word of God.

In a culture filled with self-help books, there few books for Christians that explore personal growth from a truly Biblical perspective. Devotionals for women are wonderful, but are too often a bit shallow or not quite Biblical, relying on isolated verses outside of the Biblical context to make a point. If you are a woman who wants to chew on a little more meat, this is the devotional for you.

To grow as a Christian woman, you must first know who God is and who you are in His universe. Then, you can learn about who you are in Christ.  You will come to understand what it means to walk in the spirit, to rest in Him, and to truly glorify your Father in heaven. To conform you to the image of Christ, God uses many means. This book will help you to recognize those means and embrace them for His glory.

Dancing on My Father's Feet: A Bible Study Devotional for Women
by Carol Berubee, 2020
Paperback, 56 pages
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Fifty weekly devotions; in-depth Bible study; the holiness of God; our inability to please God; God's provision of righteousness and grace; walking in the Spirit as a new creation in Christ; law vs grace; the anti-self-help answers to your problems; you're not enough, but that's why Jesus came

How can you live the Christian life with so many forces oppressing you?

How can you make better choices?

What does a successful life look like?

The answers to these questions are found only in God through His written word. Come to know Him and the power of Christ's resurrection. Let go of self-will, rest in His work, trust His promises.